[ gpsdrive ] port for windows mobile?

Pablo Cascón Katchadourian pcascon at atc.ugr.es
Thu Sep 6 03:09:31 AKDT 2007

  my name is Pablo and I'm trying to help on the www.openstreetmap.com 
project. I guess you know what is it about. I wonder if anyone has tried to 
port gpsdrive to the windows mobile (pocket pc) platform. I know, it's 
windows, it's much better to run it on linux, but it's still not that common 
to run linux in most of the pocket pc devices. It would be great to have 
gpsdrive in order to collect more data from that kind of devices. I think it 
will boost the OSM project. In case you don't know if anyone has done it, do 
you believe it is feasible? What will you start with?


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