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Andreas Putzo andreas at putzo.net
Fri Sep 14 02:12:22 AKDT 2007


Am 13.9.2007 schrieb "Joerg Ostertag (gpsdrive Munich/Germany)"
<gpsdrive at ostertag.name>:
>On Donnerstag 13 September 2007, Andreas Putzo wrote:
>> It seems that the mapnik osm.xml file in the user's home dir gets
>> overwritten every time gpsdrive starts.
>Yes, currently this is on purpose.

Why? This way the user cannot change anything in this file like rendering
Besides, i see no reason to create exactly the same file over and over
What is the rationale for this? 

>> I use 'localhost' instead /var/run/postgresql. That's why i noticed this :)
>I personally think that using the Unix Domain socket should be a little safer
>than using localhost. That's the reason we used this method. Does your
>postgis installation only listen on localhost or does it listen on the socket

I agree, the unix domain socket is a sane default. I had to change this
i have gpsdrive installed in an chroot'ed environment whereas my
postgres db 
runs in another. That way /var/run/postgresql wasn't accessible from
In case it was confusing, my patch does not change this default but will
only create 
~/.gpsdrive/osm.xml once.

>> Btw, do you know a way to keep these settings somehow separated?
>Not that I know yet. But it would be great, if we could separate the setting
>of how to connect to the database from the rendering style stuff.

Yes, that would be nice. Something for after the release i think :)
I just thought that there maybe is an easy way i'm not aware of.

>> YMMV, but i think, the mapnik data should be installed to
>> /usr/local/share/gpsdrive/mapnik/ and not share/mapnik/ to avoid
>> interfering with other installations. (mapnikdir.diff)
>Well the mapnik stuff should be the same for Gpsdrive , generate-types.py,
>tilescache ....
>At least at the moment. So I thought it would make sense to install it to one
>central mapnik directory.

Mmh, mapnik stores its files in 'mapdir' which is ~/.gpsdrive/maps/ by
At least for me mapnik generated files are saved in
at the moment.

>> Does the kismet bug still exists?
>I fixed some of the kismet stuff. But someone who is using kismet more than I
>do should really test it. I Only had one Accesspoint here. This one
>Accesspoint was displayed. But I havn't tried driving around or other stuff.
>So please test this!!!

I lost my gps receiver somehow but i think i can do a little testing with
replays :)


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