[ gpsdrive ] Map scaling in 2.10svn16684589

Thomas Schönhütl pilleus.pulcher at arcor.de
Tue Sep 25 11:35:28 AKDT 2007

Hello again,

in 2.10svn16684589 I have the problem, that I cannot change the scale of 
the displayed map. "Auto best" shows the best map, but without "Auto 
best" there is no chance to change the scale. I have maps in several 
scales in directory .gpsdrive/maps/expedia/ and .gpsdrive/maps/googlemaps/.

I press the "Select the next (more/less) detailed map" and the scale in 
"Pref. Scale" changes up to 1:90000000, but the displayed map doesn't 
change the scale.

Here some output:

Version 2.10svn16684589
$Id: gpsdrive.c 1709 2007-09-25 17:21:15Z dse $

Creating main window
load waypoint file /home/slack/.gpsdrive/way-gps.txt
/home/slack/.gpsdrive/way-gps.txt reloaded
Read 503 POI-Types from /usr/share/map-icons/icons.xml
New map: expedia/map_3950_49.022_12.120.gif
map zoomed!
map zoomed!
Write config /home/slack/.gpsdrive/gpsdriverc

I am confused about the lines "map zoomed!", because the loaded map is 
NOT zoomed! I can zoom into the current map, but not out of the map, 
because the button "-" is not active!

Thank you for reading,

Thomas Schönhütl.

System: Slackware Current, no mapnik, no mysqld running.

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