[ gpsdrive ] Map scaling in 2.10svn16684589

Joerg Ostertag gpsdrive at ostertag.name
Tue Sep 25 13:11:11 AKDT 2007

Am Dienstag, 25. September 2007 21:35:21 schrieb Thomas Schönhütl:
> Hello again,
> in 2.10svn16684589 I have the problem, that I cannot change t he scale of
> the displayed map. "Auto best" shows the best map, but without "Auto
> best" there is no chance to change the scale. I have maps in several
> scales in directory .gpsdrive/maps/expedia/ and .gpsdrive/maps/googlemaps/.
> I press the "Select the next (more/less) detailed map" and the scale in
> "Pref. Scale" changes up to 1:90000000, but the displayed map doesn't
> change the scale.

You have 2 different sets of Zoom Buttons. 

+ and - 
	These Buttons will take your Map-Bitmap and zoom them with a factor 
	of 2x 4x or 8x or 16x. If one direction is not applicaple the Buttons 
	are greyed out.

<< and >>
	These Buttons move the scale slider at the bottom of the GpsDrive Window. 	
	The Zoom-Slider is a hint for GpsDrive to search for the right Bitmap-map in 	
	the selected directories. GpsDrive searches for a map
	with a zoom level smaller than the selected level (in the zoom slider) and in
	the visible range of your current position. The wanted Scale 
	is called "Pref. Scale" and the Scale choosen by GpsDrive is 
	called "Map scale". "Map scale" is the scale which is also written in 

> I am confused about the lines "map zoomed!", because the loaded map is
> NOT zoomed! I can zoom into the current map, but not out of the map,
> because the button "-" is not active!

As described above, the Button "-" will only be active, if you already 
used "+" at least once. after using "+" you would see a small x2 then x4, .. 
at the right upper top of the Map display.

> Thank you for reading,

Hope these explanations will help a little bit.

> Thomas Schönhütl.
> System: Slackware Current, no mapnik, no mysqld running.



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