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Joerg Ostertag (gpsdrive Munich/Germany) gpsdrive at ostertag.name
Thu Apr 3 13:51:49 AKDT 2008

On Donnerstag 03 April 2008, enigma2176 wrote:
> Guenther Meyer wrote:
> > Am Dienstag 25 März 2008 schrieb enigma2176:
> >> After many tries and much dependency hunting, I have finally
> >> successfully compiled mapnik 0.5.0 and gpsdrive 2.10svn18907042 in
> >> Ubuntu Gutsy.  I loaded an OSM file for my state into mapnik using the
> >> technique described at
> >> http://www.nabble.com/gpsdrive---openstreetmap-howto-td15193344.html
> >> without any obvious errors.  I have run the sample programs in the
> >> mapnik demo directory successfully.  However, when I start gpsdrive I
> >> don't get the mapnik maps and get errors from gpsdrive.  Here is a
> >> sample session:
> >
> > the best and easiest way to download and import the osm data into the
> > postgis
> > database, and to set all the rights for the user you should use the
> > script mapnik-osm-updater.sh
> I downloaded OSM data for my state and loaded it using the options
> described in the openstreetmap-howto post:
> mapnik-osm-updater.sh --all-planet --no-mirror
> --planet-file="/usr/local/share/mapnik/Utah.osm"

somtimes one of these commands will help:
	mapnik-osm-updater.sh  --create-db-users=*
	mapnik-osm-updater.sh  --grant-db-users=*

> Guenther Meyer wrote:
> > start it without any options to see what you can do...
> > [snip]
> > this means usually, that the postgres database is not running or you
> > don't have the rights to access it.
> > it is not a big issue, if you see this error. this only means, that you
> > won't
> > see the POIs from osm inside the gpsdrive POI management.
> >
> > if you fill and initialize your database with mapnik-osm-updater.sh this
> > should usually work.
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> > these errors come from the mapnik library.
> > but even if you get the mapnik support enabled, you will get a segfault
> > when
> > switching to mapnik mode.
> > since the transition to mapnik 0.5 some things seem to have changed
> > there, what means, that we probably have to adapt our mapnik.cpp
> > module... the mapnik developers have been contacted, but nobody has had
> > the time yet, to
> > do anything.
> >
> > until then, you could use the prerendered "tiles at home" maps.
> > you can download them with the script gpsfetchmap.pl using the server
> > openstreetmap_tah.
> I have downloaded mapnik 0.4.0 and recompiled mapnik and gpsdrive-2.10pre4.
> I am able to get it compiled and when I launch gpsdrive I now have a
> "mapnik mode" checkbox, but when I check it all I get is a blue screen with
> my waypoints on it, I am not getting any maps.  

what is 
      mapnik-osm-updater.sh --count-db --osm-username=
telling you?

> If I try to use 
> "openstreetmap_tah" as the server argument in gpsfetchmap.pl the program
> complains that it is not a valid server.  

This is a feature implemented in the svn Version, but wasn't in the pre4.

> Should the map data I loaded with 
> mapnik-osm-updater be appearing here?  Is there a step I am missing
> somehow? What is the procedure for just loading the whole world from OSM?
> I am also getting GTK errors from gpsdrive, the following error constantly
> spews on the console while gpsdrive is running:
> (gpsdrive:7405): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_draw_pixbuf: assertion `GDK_IS_PIXBUF
> (pixbuf)' failed
> It doesn't appear to be affecting anything but I thought I would mention
> it.
> Does anyone have the complete procedure for setting up gpsdrive with
> mapnik/OSM?  Everything seems like it is compiling and installing right but
> I am obviously missing a step somewhere since I can't see any maps in
> mapnik mode.  Do I need to load the mapnik world boundaries file first or
> can I just load the state file I downloaded?

The world boundaries contain state boundaries and water boundaries for higher 
zoom levels. But if you only want to see you local steets you won't need 
But they normally have a great benefit in debugging, since these world 
boundaries have not database involved and thus no problems concerning 
So starting gpsdrive from the comand line should either display error messages 
about not being able to read the worldfiles or they should display these 
Borders. This way you would at least know that you mapnik compile inside 
gpsdrive is working.


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