[ gpsdrive ] [gpsdrive] Problems with mapnik integration

enigma2176 enigma at thedonnerparty.com
Sat Apr 5 08:57:05 AKDT 2008

Joerg Ostertag (gpsdrive Munich/Germany) wrote:
> On Donnerstag 03 April 2008, enigma2176 wrote:
>> Guenther Meyer wrote:
>> > the best and easiest way to download and import the osm data into the
>> > postgis
>> > database, and to set all the rights for the user you should use the
>> > script mapnik-osm-updater.sh
>> I downloaded OSM data for my state and loaded it using the options
>> described in the openstreetmap-howto post:
>> mapnik-osm-updater.sh --all-planet --no-mirror
>> --planet-file="/usr/local/share/mapnik/Utah.osm"
> somtimes one of these commands will help:
> 	mapnik-osm-updater.sh  --create-db-users=*
> 	mapnik-osm-updater.sh  --grant-db-users=*
It looks like the users that will be running gpsdrive have access to the DB.

Joerg Ostertag (gpsdrive Munich/Germany) wrote:
>> I have downloaded mapnik 0.4.0 and recompiled mapnik and
>> gpsdrive-2.10pre4.
>> I am able to get it compiled and when I launch gpsdrive I now have a
>> "mapnik mode" checkbox, but when I check it all I get is a blue screen
>> with
>> my waypoints on it, I am not getting any maps.  
> what is 
>       mapnik-osm-updater.sh --count-db --osm-username=
> telling you?

#mapnik-osm-updater.sh --count-db --osm-username=

--------- Check Number of lines in Database 'gis'
Counting entries in all Tables ( planet_osm_point planet_osm_line
planet_osm_polygon planet_osm_roads )
Table planet_osm_point  =   4359
Table planet_osm_line   =  143015
Table planet_osm_polygon        =      3
Table planet_osm_roads  =   3627

Joerg Ostertag (gpsdrive Munich/Germany) wrote:
>> Should the map data I loaded with 
>> mapnik-osm-updater be appearing here?  Is there a step I am missing
>> somehow? What is the procedure for just loading the whole world from OSM?
> [snip]
>> Does anyone have the complete procedure for setting up gpsdrive with
>> mapnik/OSM?  Everything seems like it is compiling and installing right
>> but
>> I am obviously missing a step somewhere since I can't see any maps in
>> mapnik mode.  Do I need to load the mapnik world boundaries file first or
>> can I just load the state file I downloaded?
> The world boundaries contain state boundaries and water boundaries for
> higher 
> zoom levels. But if you only want to see you local steets you won't need 
> them.
> But they normally have a great benefit in debugging, since these world 
> boundaries have not database involved and thus no problems concerning 
> database-access-rights.
> So starting gpsdrive from the comand line should either display error
> messages 
> about not being able to read the worldfiles or they should display these 
> Borders. This way you would at least know that you mapnik compile inside 
> gpsdrive is working.

I ran 

#./geoinfo.pl -create-db -fill-defaults -openstreetmap -db-user=root
-db-password='[DB root password]'

as described in the README.mysql file.  It downloaded a large file and
processed it for several days.  However, gpsdrive still just shows me a
blue/green background when in mapnik mode.  I am not getting any errors on
the console.  Has anyone seen this behavior before?  It seems like I have at
least something in the database but I am not seeing anything on the display.

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