[ gpsdrive ] Database-support, WLAN-checkbox in GUI and "Map scrolling"

Jannis Achstetter kripton at kripserver.net
Sat Apr 12 14:45:22 AKDT 2008

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Hello list, hello devs,

after I finally found myself motivated enough to set up a
postgis-database to get mapnik running I decided to upgrade gpsdrive and
make it use mapnik.
To be honest: It was quite some work since it seems that there were some
hardcoded paths in the configs (osm-template.xml mainly) that only exist
in debian, not in gentoo (socket of postgresql or the path to the
Still, I got this thing working and gpsdrive displays the mapnik-tiles
quite perfect (though the symbol for parking is the german "absolutes
Now for the reason I'm writing this mail. The new version of gpsdrive
looks very good (great work put into it) but there are some things I
didn't yet figure out:
- - As I can see, by default all the POI and WLAN-data is stored in an
SQLite-file. Can I change back to the old behavior of using a
- - Where has the checkbox to select the display of WLAN-POIs gone? Yes, I
can toggle that with the POI-checkbox but shouldn't that be split again?
- - In previous versions we were able to "scroll" the map using the
"Position mode". How can I do this now?
- - Can I enable "-a" (display APM stuff (battery status, temperature)) by
default with some option in the config-file?

Nevertheless, thanks for continuously improving this great piece of
software ;)

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