[ gpsdrive ] First Run

Andreas Putzo andreas at putzo.net
Fri Apr 25 12:09:12 AKDT 2008


On Apr 25  14:26, Matthew Polashek wrote:
> I did a first run with GPSDrive today.  Garmin 38 serial Dell D510 
> Ubuntu.  It went pretty well.  GPSDrive was not finding altitude form my 
> gps.  Anyone know why that might be?  

I guess that your gpsd does not include GSA sentences when converting
from Garmin protocol. Gpsdrive needs them to determine the altitude as
far as i know.
You may either use a newer gpsd version or use gpsdrive together with
the dbus interface if it's compiled in (gpsdrive -X).

> Also, is there a way to download  all the maps for a destination?

The gpsfetchmap script can download maps for a defined area or along a


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