[ gpsdrive ] Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Joerg Ostertag (gpsdrive Munich/Germany) gpsdrive at ostertag.name
Fri Apr 25 15:32:41 AKDT 2008

On Freitag 25 April 2008, Matthew Polashek wrote:
> ~$ gpsfetchmap -sla 40.5661 -ela 40.3847 -slo -74.3194 -elo -74.2593 -sc
> 10000-100000 -a 3 -F
> Value "-sla" invalid for option start-lat (real number expected)
> Value "-ela" invalid for option end-lat (real number expected)

use "" arround the scale value; otherwise the -10000 is interpreted as another 

The -a 3 option will only work with a centerpoint like -w Munic

Try using
I think there was a bug in one of the old ones.

Otherwise use Area downloading with something like
    gpsfetchmap   -w Munich -a 10 --scale "10000-100000"

I hope these hints will help you...


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