[ gpsdrive ] [gpsdrive] Screensize on eeepc?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at gps.open.source.it
Sun Apr 27 13:35:46 AKDT 2008

On Sunday 27 April 2008 22:25, Guenther Meyer wrote:

> Am Sonntag 27 April 2008 schrieb Antony Stone:
> > The -r and -s options appear to make no difference at all to the size of
> > the window GPSdrive opens.
> which 2.10pre4 are you using? the release or the svn version?

The release version.  If the SVN version is different, shouldn't that have a 
different version number?  Perhaps something like "2.10pre4svn"?

> the newer versions don't have the -x, -r, -s options anymore.

I'm assuming that the info I get from "gpsdrive -h" matches what that version 
of gpsdrive can do...

> there you can use "--geometry" to set the window size, and "-M car" or "-M
> pda" to choose another display mode.
> otherwise your values for -r or -s may be too low, and therefore aren't
> used...

What do you mean by "too low"?  I can't make them any bigger, or the window 
won't fit on the screen.  I don't get an error message when I start gpsdrive 
with the -r and -s options, so I'm assuming there's no problem with the 
values I entered?

> > Additional question - where / how do I tell GPSdrive where to find my GPS
> > device now?  The last version of GPSdrive I used worked with gpsd, but
> > this one seems to want to drive things on its own, but "gpsdrive --help"
> > doesn't tell me how to tell it where to find the GPS receiver.
> no, it's the other way. gpsdrive won't try to do gps things on it's own
> anymore, it relies on gpsd for the connection.

Oh, in that case I misread the ChangeLog file.

> normally gpsdrive connects to a locally running gpsd

Okay, in that case I'll try to get a copy.  I'm sure gpsdrive used to come 
with its own source for gpsd, but I don't see it now, which is another reason 
why I thought it wasn't needed.



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