[ gpsdrive ] gps receiver Timeout

Markus Bergholz markuman at gmx.net
Mon Apr 28 12:51:02 AKDT 2008

i'm using a bluemedia GPS receiver BM-6020 (NMEA-0183 / 57600 Baudrate)

if i try:

# cat /dev/rfcomm0

i get the Data. GPGGA GPGSA GPRMC and so one.

I start " gpsd /dev/rfcomm0 " and start gprs drive.
he show the status of the gps battery, but after 2-3 seconds came a time  
but if i check it on my mobile it works great!
only in gpsdrive not?! because "cat /dev/rfcomm0" give me the datas?!

i'll try to install the new release on my eeepc - but that won't work...

someone can help me?


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