[ gpsdrive ] Waypoints API with GPSDrive

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 19:08:45 AKDT 2008

mark wrote:

> I'm investigating the possiblity of using GPSDrive as a component in a 
> college end of term project. The project requires that there can be a 
> variety of multimedia data (text, images, animation/video, sound) 
> associated with each waypoint / POI on the map which is activated by 
> proximity to the waypoint/POI (or could be clicked on) and can be
> viewed 
> by an appropriate MIME viewer (i.e. a web browser with the appropriate 
> plug-ins).
> Does GPSDrive have an API that will allow a request to be sent to a 
> server process to establish the waypoint/POI in question against a 
> database and, having done that, serve the user with a menu via of data 
> items which can be handled via the installed browser? I suppose more 
> generally, is there a way to use GPSDrive with host application that
> can act as a bridge to provide other appropriate services? And if this
> could be accomplished on a PDA that would be fantastic!

not really

> Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome!

you mighty try GRASS GIS's HTMLMAP driver, it will allow something like
that. also poke around the addons repository there, I seem to remember
that someone had coded up something similar in the past.


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