[ gpsdrive ] Waypoints API with GPSDrive

markofallon at aim.com markofallon at aim.com
Tue May 6 09:26:23 AKDT 2008

Thomas Winkler wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-05-01 at 20:29 +0200, Guenther Meyer wrote:
>> Am Donnerstag 01 Mai 2008 schrieb markofallon at aim.com:
>>> Hello Everyone,
>>> I'm investigating the possiblity of using GPSDrive as a component in a
>>> college end of term project. The project requires that there can be a
>>> variety of multimedia data (text, images, animation/video, sound)
>>> associated with each waypoint / POI on the map which is activated by
>>> proximity to the waypoint/POI (or could be clicked on) and can be viewed
>>> by an appropriate MIME viewer (i.e. a web browser with the appropriate
>>> plug-ins).
>>> Does GPSDrive have an API that will allow a request to be sent to a
>>> server process to establish the waypoint/POI in question against a
>>> database and, having done that, serve the user with a menu via of data
>>> items which can be handled via the installed browser? I suppose more
>>> generally, is there a way to use GPSDrive with host application that can
>>> act as a bridge to provide other appropriate services? And if this could
>>> be accomplished on a PDA that would be fantastic!
>> no there is no such thing as an api for that in gpsdrive.
>> and there are no plans to do this in the near future.
>> the only thing you could do, is access the database gpsdrive stores its 
>> waypoints from your application.
> Hello! 
> I am new to the list, monitoring it some days now.
> Guenther Meyer is right! But i needed a similar feature so I made a
> small patch to recognize clicks on a POI label and a certain area around
> it. So it is up to you to do what ever you want in that case.
> See the attached patch
> in file: import_map.c and function mapclick_cb 
> The patch changes also the font size of the POI label. It was needed in
> my application. So adjust it as needed.
> This solution has one limitation! It goes with the biggest label on
> screen. Means if you have "gasstation" and "pub" the click-able box
> around pub would be as big as the one around gasstation.
> Hope it helps
>  Thomas 
Hi Thomas,

I haven't yet decided on using GPSDrive as I need to be sure it's the 
best solution for my needs, but your patch will most certainly help me 
decide! The ideal solution would be a Java equivalent which could be 
ported to a java enabled mobile device and I could modify the source to 
build in support for the other features I need. GPSDrive does appear to 
be a very flexible solution nonetheless.

Thanks also to Gunther for your information.

best regards,

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