[ gpsdrive ] gpsdrive and NOAA charts

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat May 10 18:59:17 AKDT 2008

Chris H wrote:
> Currently playing with gpsdrive for marine application (ie:
> for use on my sailboat) This is really interesting and fun stuff.
> Ive been following Hamish's outline available here:
> http://lists.gpsdrivers.org/pipermail/gpsdrive/2008-March/000833.html
> ive created a series of tiles from a test NOAA map.
> Where i get stuck is with the map importing assistance.
> I'm using a large scale map that has been converted to
> a series of tiles ( > approx 200 ). When I try to import
> the map tiles the assistance asks the following questions:
> lat 
> long
> screen x
> screen y

the gdal_slice.sh script produces a text file (map_koord_draft.txt) with registration info for each tile. merge that into ~/.gpsdrive/map_koord.txt, then it is all done for you. no need to bother with the map import tool.

("gdalinfo" on the .tif output tiles will give you the corner coords if you really want them, but you shouldn't have to go through that trouble)

> 2. Is there a method whereby this process can be automated
> say by importing the original large scale map and then somehow
> having gpsdrive recognize that the following set of tiles belong
> to that specific map and associated set of coordinates.

that's what gdal_slice.sh does. move each set of tiles into its own
subdirectory if you like to avoid clutter.

> Once I get this sorted I would like to write a tutorial on
> this with the assistance of others of course as this is a
> wonderfull way to use gpsdrive with raster charts.

please improve here:


ps- don't blame me if you hit a rock

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