[ gpsdrive ] Upgrading Hardy Heron

Andreas Putzo andreas at putzo.net
Mon May 12 03:34:55 AKDT 2008


On May 11  15:26, Charles Curley wrote:
> I just upgraded my laptop and desktop from Ubuntu 7.10 (and the
> versions of gpsdrive that came with that), and to 8.04. I found that
> gpsdrive was also upgraded in the process, to
> gpsdrive-2.10~pre4-1--i386.
> The major problem is that I don't see my waypoints. The database and
> table are still there, but gpsdrive doesn't see them. They are in the
> old schema, and no update was done on that as part of the upgrade.
> In /usr/share/doc/gpsdrive several files of dubious usefulness
> reside. One, README.SQL.gz, says:
>     If you already have the database and you update GpsDrive, make
>     sure your table structure is updated with the above geoinfo.pl
>     script.
> There is no geoinfo.pl script. How do I get that? Or is that still the
> preferred way to update my waypoints?

The geoinfo script is in the gpsdrive-scripts package. For details on
upgrading the database schema and importing old waypoints see 

> * gpsfetchmap.pl and gpsreplay.pl appear to be missing. And probably
>   other scripts as well.

These scripts are in the gpsdrive-scripts package, too.
Note that they are installed as 'gpsfetchmap' and 'gpsreplay'.


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