[ gpsdrive ] gpsdrive and NOAA charts

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon May 12 05:53:22 AKDT 2008

> > which version did you try with?
> chris123 at kubuntu8:~$ gdalinfo --version
> GDAL, released 2007/11/23

ok, maybe not the same binary but the same GDAL version as me.
> The syntax I used was :
> chris123 at kubuntu8:~$ gdalwarp -t_srs "EPSG:4326" \
>    -order 2 -rn 12200_1.KAP noaa_1.tif
> to confirm I just ran it again just to make sure.
> chris123 at kubuntu8:~/gdal_sample$ gdalwarp -t_srs
> "EPSG:4326" -order 2 -rn 
> 12200_1.KAP noaa_1.tif
> Processing input file 12200_1.KAP.
> :0...10...20.Segmentation fault
> and got a different result. I have a low memory machine
> that I use for testing. Slow but reliable hardware.
> Was wondering if this could be a memory issue? 

in that case I would expect a malloc() error not a SegFault, but who knows. SegFaults typically happen when the program tries to write to some memory which it has not been allocated. (buffer overflow, etc)

FWIW, for me `top` reports for memory use for warping 12200_1.KAP:
 165m 137m 6732

AFAIU, when linux runs out of memory rather than the system crashing it decides on a process to kill based on what looks like the worst offender. In that case you would see a SIGTERM(?) or such, not a SegFault.

I take it you have a swap partition? If not, here are some instructions for temporarily creating some: "Adding temporary swap space in Linux"

could you post the full backtrace / coredump somewhere? (like as an attachment on your web page?) it probably has all the symbols striped out of it so not as useful, but if you file this as a bug with gdal (trac.osgeo.org/gdal) they'll want to see that. (I suspect the first thing they'll ask is for you to try the current release)

generic tips for running GDB:

you could also try Electric Fence if you like.

another crazy thing to try: make the output filename like 25 characters long.  (!!)  and try using -order 1.


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