[ gpsdrive ] Plans for a new release?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at gps.open.source.it
Mon May 12 12:56:03 AKDT 2008

On Saturday 10 May 2008 18:00, Joerg Ostertag (gpsdrive Munich/Germany) wrote:

> Do you (or anyone else) know anything we should do before pre5?

I recently installed GPSdrive onto a new machine, using GPSdrive version 
2.10pre4 from the source tarball, not CVS (I understand the version number 
isn't different!) - previously I'd used 2.10pre2.

I found the process for setting up the database using the Perl script 
geoinfo.pl much less friendly than the old system which just piped commands 
into MySQL.

1 - the name geoinfo.pl didn't stand out as the thing I needed to use to get 
SQL working

2 - when I tried to use geoinfo.pl I discovered lots of Perl module 
dependencies, which I could install from CPAN okay, but appeared to be 
neither documented as requirements nor automatically fetched for me.  Either 
of those would have been better than leaving me to understand a sequence of 
Perl error messages.

3 - I discovered that the help for gpsdrive didn't match the program's current 
capabilities - specifically the -r and -s options (mentioned in a previous 
thread) have now been replaced by -g, but help still tells you to use -r and 
-s, and doesn't mention -g.  I don't know if this has been addressed in CVS 
prior to releasing pre5 yet.

Hope this helps make things easier for people who try pre5 :)


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