[ gpsdrive ] Base Maps and zooming

Joerg Ostertag (Muenchen) joerg at ostertag.name
Tue May 13 13:20:07 AKDT 2008

On Dienstag 13 Mai 2008, Chris H wrote:
> Greets:
> Was wondering how to set gpsdrive so that the basemap that gpsdrive
> defaults too upon opening is the top_Americas.jpg file. Its interesting
> that this is located in /usr/share/gpsdrive/maps and not ~./gpsdrive/maps
> Is there a reason for separating the map file folders?

Yes, this way the installed files do not have to be duplicated for every user 
using the basemaps.
He simply has to insert these maps into his/her map_koords.txt file

> Looking at the gpsdriverc file the only way I see to do it is to set the
> lastlat and latlong to somewhere in the America's? the last entry is
> display_map_no_dir = 1 what exactly does this mean?

This meand the maps which are not located in a subdirectory will be 
displayed(relativeley spoken from the directories /usr/share/gpsdrive/maps 
and not ~./gpsdrive/maps) . Idea behind this is, that if you add a directory 
~./gpsdrive/maps/landsat/ (what 
 	"gpsfetchmap.pl --mapserver=landsat -a 1 -w Antwerpen" 
would do) the GpsDrive would display landsat as one map-provider and no-dir as 
another map-provider to select from in the GUI.

> Zooming.
> I have loaded a number of maps for the eastern seaboard of the United
> States in the required format and updated the map_koord.txt file. What I
> would like to accomplish is to have gpsdrive default to the
> top_Americas.jpg file and then zoom in on the sections for which I have
> prepared NOAA tiles using the panel zoom buttons and mouse pointer.
> In short, I just want a high level view continental North America and then
> zone in on the specific areas for which NOAA maps have been prepared for.

Well; gpsdrive always tries to display the best map for the area where your 
current location is(Shown by the little Cross or Car or Error) . With the 
possibility to use pos-mode where you can place your current position 
anywhere on the map. So if your Current position is set to somewhere inside 
this Map and the Zoom-Factor is correct it will show your desired map. You 
can achive this by editing gpsdriverc with the values and then starting 
gpsdrive. Or you can go to pos-mode and click into the area of desire on the 

> Was wondering what the proper way to accomplish this would be hence the
> initial question above.

See above; I hope this will help you understand the mechanics behind this a 
little better.




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