[ gpsdrive ] Very OT - was Re: Plans for a new release?

Mark Williams mark.666 at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu May 15 22:01:28 AKDT 2008

>> ======================================================================
>>    "Z-80 system stack overflow.  Shut 'er down
>> Scotty, the system's
>>          sucking mud" - Error message on TRS 80
>> Model-16B
> yet another off-topic anecdote: we actually had a TRS 80 model 100 come back from the field full of mud once (loaned to a sedimentary biologist...). it was dropped at low tide in an estuary's mud flat. Once it came back I swore a bit, opened it up, removed the batteries, sea-grass and larger chunks of gook, soaked it in distilled water over night, and the next day sprayed the circuit boards with a jet of ethyl alcohol and let it dry. Fired it up a day later and the thing worked perfectly!
> Hamish

Z-80 systems have fairly chunky circuit boards.

I once had a 486-PC system in a [private] hospital; came in one week,
they'd moved it to another room; with a hot-air duct one side, & an
air-conditioner above. I sat, pulled the keyboard toward me,.......

& got wet knees. The indoor weather system had had two weeks to rain on
my PC...
The keyboard was full to the brim, and the PC case up to the slots, so
the motherboard was immersed.

It got tipped out, left 48 hours on a radiator, and that too worked fine!


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