[ gpsdrive ] GPSdrive SVN, Mapnik and a Patch

Guenther Meyer d.s.e at sordidmusic.com
Thu May 29 03:48:13 AKDT 2008

Am Donnerstag 29 Mai 2008 schrieb Mark Wilkinson:
> Point 3 - I had a problem with the maps produced by the mapnik code. the
> center was always some distance south of where it should have shown. I
> traced it to the Projection in the mapnik code that used '+proj=merc
> +datum=WGS84'. When I replaced this with the projection from the mapnik
> example code, the maps looked to be centered correctly.
hmm, I never noticed that, how big was the deviation?

> Points 1,2,4 - I've added additional config parameters,
fine, thanks!
the initial inclusion of mapnik was a very quick hack. we were glad, that it 
worked at all. but it really IS better, to have these things configurable.

> Additionally, rather than generating the mapnik xml file everytime
> gpsdrive is run, I've coded it to check the modification times on both
> the xml file (if it exists) and the xml template file and only generate
> the xml file if the template is newer.
sounds reasonable.

> Like I said at the top, this may not be the right place to post this
> patch, but it may be of benefit to others.
this is exactly the right place for patches, thank you very much :-)
I will have a look and apply them to svn...

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