[ gpsdrive ] GPSdrive SVN, Mapnik and a Patch

Mark Wilkinson mark.wilkinson at 2pmtech.com
Thu May 29 05:28:42 AKDT 2008

Ah ! I see what I've done... I set the defaults in the init_config 
routine, then after generating a gpsdriverc, updated them to the correct 

Sorry about that.

Guenther Meyer wrote:
> Am Donnerstag 29 Mai 2008 schrieb Mark Wilkinson:
>> Hi Guenther,
>>    the first think I can think of is to check your gpsdriverc file and
>> look at the mapnik_font_path and mapnik_input_path values....
> no, the problem is somewhere else:
> the config structure is initialized in config_init in gpsdrive_config.c to 
> default values suitable for most standard installations. these values are 
> also used, if there is no gpsdriverc (which is a normal thing when a user 
> runs gpsdrive for the first time), or when those lines are not present in the 
> config file. so values like <please insert path> won't work.
> and you also forgot to set a default for the font_path.
> but that's not a big issue, I'm already on that.
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