[ gpsdrive ] Base Maps and zooming

Chris H chris123 at magma.ca
Sat May 31 12:51:12 AKDT 2008

On Tuesday 13 May 2008 17:20:56 Joerg Ostertag (Muenchen) wrote:

> Yes, this way the installed files do not have to be duplicated for every
> user using the basemaps.
> He simply has to insert these maps into his/her map_koords.txt file

Ok understood.

> > Looking at the gpsdriverc file the only way I see to do it is to set the
> > lastlat and latlong to somewhere in the America's? the last entry is
> > display_map_no_dir = 1 what exactly does this mean?
> This meand the maps which are not located in a subdirectory will be
> displayed(relativeley spoken from the directories /usr/share/gpsdrive/maps
> and not ~./gpsdrive/maps) . Idea behind this is, that if you add a
> directory ~./gpsdrive/maps/landsat/ (what
>  	"gpsfetchmap.pl --mapserver=landsat -a 1 -w Antwerpen"
> would do) the GpsDrive would display landsat as one map-provider and no-dir
> as another map-provider to select from in the GUI.

OK I understand but its still not clear to me. 
For example is this correct?
display_map_no_dir=1 (will display maps in ./gpsdrive/maps)
display_map_no_dir=0 (will display maps in ./gpsdrive/maps/subfolder)

Is it possible to select more the two map providers with this method or are we 
limited to 0 & 1? 

> > Zooming.
> > I have loaded a number of maps for the eastern seaboard of the United
> > States in the required format and updated the map_koord.txt file. What I
> > would like to accomplish is to have gpsdrive default to the
> > top_Americas.jpg file and then zoom in on the sections for which I have
> > prepared NOAA tiles using the panel zoom buttons and mouse pointer.
> >
> > In short, I just want a high level view continental North America and
> > then zone in on the specific areas for which NOAA maps have been prepared
> > for.
> Well; gpsdrive always tries to display the best map for the area where your
> current location is(Shown by the little Cross or Car or Error).
Yes Ive noticed that. gpsdrive will select the highest resolution tile for the 
specific coordinates.

> With the 
> possibility to use pos-mode where you can place your current position
> anywhere on the map. So if your Current position is set to somewhere inside
> this Map and the Zoom-Factor is correct it will show your desired map. You
> can achive this by editing gpsdriverc with the values and then starting
> gpsdrive. Or you can go to pos-mode and click into the area of desire on
> the map.

Is there a way to use the slider bar at the bottom of the gui to zoom in or 
out from the desired map scale? 

> > Was wondering what the proper way to accomplish this would be hence the
> > initial question above.
> See above; I hope this will help you understand the mechanics behind this a
> little better.

I'm getting there:) Thanks of your response and apologies for my late reply. 


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