[ gpsdrive ] Screen size

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 1 13:02:36 AKST 2010

Guenther wrote:
> which version of gtk do you have?
> those functions are available in gtk since 2.12, which is
> the oldest version we support ;-)

ok, I am willing to put up with that. (or more to the point not
willing to put in the effort myself to support that)

etch used libgtk2.0 version 2.8.20 fwiw.

I've now dropped the etch patches from svn and made one-last
build using the last rev which worked with it, r2527.

if anyone wants them, gpsdrive 2.10pre8~r2527 packages for Etch
can be found here:

I still wouldn't mind retrospectively branching r2527 as 
pre8-final btw.



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