[ gpsdrive ] Where is gpsdrive_2.10pre7_i386.deb ?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue May 18 22:30:24 AKDT 2010

> schrieb Hamish:
> > Also I'd like to have the old left-side controls & map preview back
> > as a --gui-mode= option as I miss/prefer it. :-)

> what's wrong with the new style?

there's nothing specifically "wrong" with it (except maybe the tooltips
are missing/broken/gone too fast), I just prefer the "old" style that's all. Especially on a wide-screen LCD where screen space is not as much of
an issue.

> the map preview is still available via the 'Map Control' Menu.

thanks, I'll have another look. I must have missed it.



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