[ gpsdrive ] 2.10pre8 branching [was: Screen size]

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue May 18 23:10:42 AKDT 2010

schrieb Hamish:
> > any objections to me branching off r2527 as 2.10pre8, then backporting
> > the ability to use the new gpsd API to that branch?

Guenther wrote:
> AFAIR ist 2.11 a branch of r2527.

yes, that is correct. excellent!

do you know if there any were more commits than the initial r2728 and
r2729 needed to (optionally) support gpsd 2.92+ ? 

> > if 2.11-stable is now branched, what version should trunk be called as?
> in any case no more pre version ;-)
> AFAIR Joerg wanted to have a scheme like the following:
> versions (like 2.11) with odd numbers are more or less stable releases.
> versions (like 2.12) with even numbers should be stable releases.

fine with me.

> packages built from trunk should usually have a naming like 2.11svn2551.

hmmm, shouldn't packages built from the 2.11 branch be named like that,
and packages built from trunk be named like 2.12svn2551 ?

> if for some reason critical bugfix releases without new
> features should be  necessary, we should use something like 2.12.1

fine with me.



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