[ gpsdrive ] GPS with more precision.

Marc Coevoet sintsixtus at gmail.com
Wed May 19 22:14:42 AKDT 2010

If they say "a gps can only have 3 meter accuracy",

but then , they come with some gps, that has 3cm accurracy, howdy??

Well, everybody knows in numerical computations, you can use real, 
double, extended types, so you use more accuracy when calculating. 
Would that be the "big secret"??  And are chips we know of ablle of 
giving more details, numbers bahind the comma??

There is a discussion here about the Trimble, a GPS with more precision:

the gps itself:

even a Trimble for sale:

The secret in "computer science" is to make things with different levels 
of  quality, accuracy...


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