[ gpsdrive ] Where is gpsdrive_2.10pre7_i386.deb ?

Michael Elliott j.michael.elliott at gmail.com
Wed May 26 06:08:23 AKDT 2010

Jack (formerly "Michael") Elliott
(541) 848 7021

Joerg Ostertag wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 May 2010, Michael Elliott wrote:
>> Guenther Meyer wrote:
>>> Am Mittwoch 19 Mai 2010, 05:48:36 schrieb Michael Elliott:
>>>> Yes, that was very amateurish of me. Ubuntu 9.10, Linux
>>>> 2.6.31-21-generic
>>> have you tried the 2.11 packages?
>> There's a 2.11 package? Is there a deb for Karmic?
> These are all the gpsdrive 2.11 files on the webserver ...

Cool. Why the heck was I wasting my time with 2.10pre7? I'm not looking 
in the right place to stay on top of the latest developments in 
gpsdrive, I guess.

Okay, let's see how gpsdrive-friendsd installs from

into Ubuntu 9.10 . . .

Okay, all dependencies are satisfied, that's good news.

And it installed with no errors. I'll try running it tonight and see 
what I get.

<fingers crossed>

Jack Elliott

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